Confident, independent and loyal, the Akita is a truly majestic dog breed. There are two types of Akita, which are the Japanese Akita and the American Akita. A large dog, the Akita is not a breed that’s recommended for first time dog owners. However, for experienced dog owners, the Akita is a fantastic breed.


The Japanese Akita, or the Akita Inu as they are also known, is the original breed. As the name suggests, the Japanese Akita originates from the Japanese Island of Honshu, which is in the Akita region. The American Akita was bred from the Japanese Akita. After World War II, US soldiers were impressed by the Japanese Akita, but wanted a dog that was slightly larger, and stockier than the Akita Inu. Americans chose to breed larger boned Akitas, which would eventualy culminate in the divergence of the American Akita.


- American

Unlike the Japanese Akita, the American Akita can be many colours, like white, brindle and pinto, and can feature a black mask. The Japanese Akita is not allowed to have a black mask. The American Akita has a thick double coat, which is very dense and soft. The undercoat is very soft an is slightly shorter than the outer coat. The outer layer of fur is straighter and sightly rougher than the outer coat. The average American Akita male measures between 66 to 71 cm and weighs 100 to 145 pounds. The average female Akita measures 61 to 66cm and weighs between 80 and 120 pounds.

- Japanese

The Japanese Akita, or the Japanese Inu as it is also known, has a thick, dense double coat. It’s outer coat is fairly harsh and repels water, while the undercoat is much softer, and helps to keep the dog warm. While the American Akita can be any colour, the Japanese Akita only has a white, red, sesame, fawn or brindle coat. Unlike the American Akita, a black mask is not allowed as standard for the Japanese Akita. The average Japanese male Akita measures 64 to 70cm and weighs between 70 to 85 pounds. The average female has a height of between 58 and 64 cm, and weighs between 50 to 65 pounds.


Confident and self-assured, the Akita is a very dominant and assertive dog, which is very loyal to its owner. The Akita has some similarities to the house cat, in that you will often see it grooming itself and cleaning its face like a cat. The Akita is a very clean and hygienic pet. As the Akita has a dominant nature, it can be territorial. Due to their dominant streak, the Akita doesn’t get along with other dogs or animals particularly well, and it tends to clash with dogs of the same sex.


The Akita has been used for a wide variety of purposes throughout history. In the past, the Akita was used to retrieve water fowl, and also as a hunting and fighting dog. This breed has also been used by the police and the military.


The Akita requires regular exercise in order to stay happy and healthy. Dogs need to be walked daily, in order to satisfy their instinctual desire to roam. The Akita needs to be walked and played with daily.


The Akita is an intelligent dog breed, which also has a strong and dominant nature. Due to their intelligence level are fairly easy to train. However, the Akita is very assured, so needs consistent obedience training and positive reinforcement.

Overall, the Akita is a strong and confident breed, which makes a great companion for more experienced dog owners.

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