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This rare breed has largely been preserved due to the care and attention of dedicated dog breeders.


The Mudi is actually named the Canis Ovilis Fenyesi after Dr. Dezso Fenyesi, who distinguished the breed from the Pumi and the Puli in the 1930s. This is a type of Hungarian herdsman’s dog that formed spontaneously around a hundred years ago and is rather rare, even in its country of origin. The Mudi is often used in Hungary as a sheep and cow herder as well as a guard dog and a hunter of wild animals. They are also used as mountain rescue dogs in Finland.

Body Type

This breed features a distinctive wedge-shaped head that comes complete with a pointed nose and muscular jaws. The convex skull features a well-marked stop, while the dark brown eyes are oval in shape. Mudi puppies...

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