Kennel de la Rouquine

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Belgian Shepherd Dog
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Small hobby kennel, breeds exclusively from Malinois working lines. Our goal is to breed mentally strong, social, high drive, athletic dogs, dogs that are able to work in the heaviest disciplines. Dogs from our breeding work in KNPV, IPO, SAR, agility, Obedience, Therapy, narcotic etc.. Our puppies are raised in an enriched environment inside our house and have a lot of contact with people and children.

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    • O-litter Athos PH-1 CL police dog certificate at Politie Midden Nederland X Euforia du Château Royal
    • Norton de la Rouquine
    • Ocean van de Zilveren Loop
    • Impress de la Rouquine PH-1 CL / Object CL / place 4 Nationals Object 2014 / Toetsing Object 2015 and 2017
    • Ocean van de Zilveren Loop, young female in training for PH-1